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Traditional, Online and Digital Promotion

Identify marketing efforts that achieve the outcomes you want.

Your marketing and advertising efforts should present your brand in an appealing way while also reaching the target audience. You are busy. Let’s establish the right strategic plan that allows you to gain the return on investment you want and deserve. We will create a plan that ensures the hard-earned income and hours you give to your business is working for the outcomes you want. 



Your advertising plan should always ensure the business brand is reaching the right target audience. Developing recognition of your business brand is how you gain and retain your customers, while also reaching the right target market. It’s key to the right strategies and tactics implemented so the target audience connects with your brand amongst all the advertising they are exposed to every day. 

Traditional Media

(brochures, flyers, posters, postcards)

Digital Media

Connected and
OTT Television

Streaming Radio

Google AdWords


Social Media

Snap Chat
Tik Tok

Advertising can include traditional, online, digital, and social media. These media outlets all require a unique way to support your advertising efforts that can be a lot to keep up with while also trying to run your business. Let us help you to ensure you don’t miss an ad deadline, advertising content is relevant, and your plan is implemented to gain the outcomes you want.

We understand that you are busy and social media guidelines and platforms change daily. 

Let Hollmann Consulting help in developing a plan to properly use social media platforms to your advantage. We will manage your social media accounts, provide relevant content, and develop an analytics report for review. 

Social media can take your business to the next level by providing unique experiences with followers while gaining new ones. 

The first step to developing a social media presence is identifying the audience you want to reach and connect with. We can support you in developing content for your social platforms and ensure posts are implemented to maximize social engagement. 

Social Media & Digital Strategy


Let's Connect and Start Planning

The first step is our initial free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your business and your needs. 


That’s right, you talk about your business and what your business goals and aspirations are, allowing me to identify the strategies and tactics we will use to achieve them. 


Hollmann Consulting will work with you and guide you to establish the right strategies for your business needs. Let me help take you from planning to implementation.

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