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Hollmann Consulting

A consulting agency partner for your business.

Hollmann Consulting is a consulting agency that works with business owners, whether just starting out or an existing business, with the strategic planning aspect of running the company. The team works to develop strategic marketing and advertising plans that assist in successful financial performance and resource allocation.


Strategic planning can include marketing, online and digital visibility management with sites like Google, advertising, social media, client/customer management, and growth or retention of clients and customers. The opportunities are endless, and planning is unique to your business needs.


Crystal M. Hollmann founded Hollmann Consulting after completing her Master of Science degree in Strategic Marketing in November 2018. During the completion of her studies, she also earned her professional certification in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which allows her to work with businesses on website keyword and digital advertising strategies. 


Since partnering and working with multiple industries since 2003, Crystal continues her passion for working with business owners and managers to identify why they do what they do, how they do it, and how those efforts are measured. 


Let's Connect and Start Planning

The first step is our initial free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your business and your needs. 


That’s right, you talk about your business and what your business goals and aspirations are, allowing me to identify the strategies and tactics we will use to achieve them. 


Hollmann Consulting will work with you and guide you to establish the right strategies for your business needs. Let me help take you from planning to implementation.

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